Our company's attainment is closely linked to the quality of the services we offer our customers.
Our quality department enforces and monitors our procedures which are in compliance with international clinical research standards (ICH-GCP, Declaration of Helsinki, GPP) and local legislation.
All of our employees have yearly in-house training to ensure optimal conduct of studies to guarantee data reliability, security and confidentiality.
<< Meet the  quality together >> is not just a slogan but a value shared by all our employees! Which makes Quality Assurance a managerial  priority for Clinica Group.
Our quality assurance policy applies to all of the company’s departments, and defines our customer satisfaction strategy.
Our quality system has been approved by leading pharmaceutical companies and has been endorsed by international auditors.


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are designed, maintained and updated regularly in order to ensure that all our activities take place in accordance with Good Clinical Practices and local legislation.
Our SOPs are written by experts from each department, and are then reviewed by the quality assurance department and approved by general management.


Internal and independent quality audits are carried out to ensure and to maintain the quality of our services.
Independent audits: Our customers can consult information on the current status of our procedures, documents and trial management along with any updates.
Internal audits: Co-monitoring visits, on-site audits and TMF audits are conducted by our Quality Assurance Manager.