The promotion and the marketing of the products take a primordial and a central role with high level decision-making of any pharmaceutical laboratory.
Despite very precise analysis tools, the particularities of pharmaceutical marketing such as the impact of price and reimbursement rate, the strict and evolving regulations and the local environment make it a special and terrible exercise.
Clinica Group proposes all its expertise in the management of your pharmaceutical marketing projects in an ever-changing prescription market. We guarantee our support on your projects by respecting the trends and realities of the market in the face of economic, regulatory and societal developments.
Multi-directional marketing integrating e-marketing by taking into account the corporate repository for an effective and federative support while respecting good internal and external marketing practices.

We accompany you and help you answer the following questions and many more :
- How to evolve at the heart of the reforms?
- How to anticipate in marketing plans?
- How to apprehend the new medico-regulatory requirements?
- Digital marketing?